Safety-Smart Backup Cameras

Stay focused on your surroundings at all times with one of the innovative backup cameras from THUNDER AUTOSOUND in Centralia, Washington. Our collection of products makes the latest technology available to you for a great price.

A Complete View

Keep safety first and never worry about blind spots while in reverse when you use backup cameras and sensors. With these systems, you can rest easy knowing exactly what is directly behind and to the sides of your car while backing up.


Growing Popularity

Backup cameras are now the fastest growing section of our company, and many others, due to the safety benefits of owning this technology. Many of our customers see these cameras and sensors in their friends' cars and want it for their own. In addition to companies offering these cameras as aftermarket parts several vehicle manufacturers, including GM and Ford, now offer the same top-quality products in their vehicles.

A Universal Addition

Upgrade the features in your car without spending thousands on a new ride. Because these systems are universal, they can be installed in vehicles of any make or model. Starting at just $479 for the system and installation, you'll enjoy the newest technology for a fraction of the price of a brand new car.

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